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Who We are!

We the Niche team started the vision of Niche Transform 2025. We joined hands together, to transform the way of life runs by Niche innovation by year 2025. We started our mission on 2012 and crossing each milestone towards our goal of Niche Transform 2025. To know more contact us


The founding team had more than 15+ years of industry experience in Research, product development, customer-centric solutions, productization, and post delivery support. The founders expertise in setting-up multiple new business entities in India, and delivered CDMA, WiMAX802.16d/e, LTE, LTE-A and AAS technology to the world. The team had more than 20+ technology patents in SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud), 3C (Contents, Caching, Communication) and IoT (Internet of Things). The members lead the standardization of Next Generation mobile technology for ARIB (Association of Radio Industries and Businesses). The team has deep understanding of global eco-system, technology advancements, global business landscape, large-scale operations and customer base. These diversified specialization brought 360 degree end-to-end architecture for, Niche Transform 2020.

The founder’s front-ended the capital fund raising, mergers, acquisition, startup-mode formation for Tier-I software and technology companies in India and abroad. The team in the past managed the business worth of $150M+ revenue in multiple MNC’s. The founders closely worked with more industry, educational associations like, USPTO, IPO, IIT / IISC, IEEE, DSIR (Department of Scientific Industrial Research) for various research and development activities. The global technology leaders, entrepreneurs and investors are part of Nichehands advisory board and continuing support for the mission of Niche Transform 2020.


Nichehands received two rounds of seed funding from founders in the span of one year. The revenue flow started from solutions and solutions specific products added the growth in short span of time. Apart from strategic investment in R&D, the company continued funding other potential start-up and disruptive areas. In March’2015 Nichehands invested in market place E-commerce player, BindBind E-Commerce Pvt Ltd. In April’2015 the company started its US footprint in Florida and San Diego for local support in US and Latin America. The continuous increase of investment in the R&D space, brought more innovations day-by-day. The un-matched innovative solutions brought the Nichehands in the limelight of emerging start-up.


It’s remarkable memory to re-call the Journey of Nichehands. It’s all started way back 2010 to build technology that can transform the human life with right connectivity. The long-term aspiration of Human life transformation through technology flaming on the two individuals started taking shapes from 2012 during their six hours’ weekly trip, to their home town villages from Bangalore. In 2012 the idea of building a technology that can Transform the human life, getting shape and made the way for birth of Nichehands on January 2013. Soon, the growing ideas and patents made as an entity, on 25th Oct 2013.

The journey started with innovative note to develop the Nichehands.com – The business referral network started with 2 Employees and two patents. The innovative portfolio quickly brought global attention with multiple products and 20+ strong employees globally in 3 Years. Now Nichehands holds two patents applied six more, twelve Trademarks and made foot-print across the major continents. Now we are on our fourth year. Let’s Join our hands…! We Nichehands…!

What We Do?

Nichehands works on Products and Specialized services. We provide Niche Solution for your business needs. Our Solutions can accelerate your business for exponential growth. We specialized in SMAC, IoT, Telecom, Healthcare, Educational and IT solutions. Our innovative solution simplifies the customer complexities and increases the business potentials. To know more about Niche offerings contact us

Our Vision & Mission & Values

Our Vision

To build a billion dollar company in 2025 by delivering disruptive technologies and solutions that creates the unique value proposition for customers.

Our Mission

Create the complex innovations in cutting-edge technologies that serves the social value and transforms human life.

Our Values

The aim of Nichehands is transforming human lives. This means great care of human values in the society. Nichehands is built on strong cultural and social values. The values build in every member of Nichehands family. The six point values of Nichehands is.

  • Integrity
  • Ethics
  • Social responsibility
  • Care
  • Knowledge
  • Continuous enhancement