Privacy Policy

Privacy Policy


Nichehands collects personal informations to access the service, products and not limited to. These personal informations are collected through registration, accessing informations and services, cookies, beacons and other technologies that involved in our service.

When you register with us, we collects your name, age, gender, telephone number, address, qualification, interests and not limited to. All these informations makes us to identify you. You are not anonymous to Nichehands. The information collection that includes your transactions with us and with business partners, inclusive of financial transaction informations and products offered.

Nichehands stores the informations about the computer identity, IP address, session timings, software hardware attributes and cookies. When you use Nichehands services you may opt the informations to be accessed publically. In either case Nichehands will not be responsible for any loss of informations, theft of information, mis-use of information.

Nichehands uses the all stored informations to deliver the right advertisement, right content delivery and for customized business service. Incase any loss or damages occurred to you by means of Nichehands service and stored informations. Nichehands will not be liable for any of the above said events and derivative of the events.


Nichehands products and services that does not contact individuals under the age of 14 years without permission of adult. Nichehands contents and its relevant advertisements contains any information that are object able for the children’s under 14 are advised to stop the usage of Nichehands products and services or get the guidance from adult.


When you use the Nichehands service in web browser, mobile or any other service uses the Nichehands, it's products or any other derivative, we will place the one or more "cookies" on your machine, application or any other format. We uses the cookies information to deliver the right contents for you. This includes personal information, data accessed, contents browsed, pages or option viewed and not limited to, all these informations might be stored and accessed by Nichehands for it's betterment of service. We also use the web beacons for more data analytics for the service improvements and business purposes. When we use the third-party application or web beacons we will restrict the personal informations access. All our service stated above it designed with best security and best possible design by Nichehands.

Information Sharing and Disclosure

Nichehands does not share or sell your personal informations. All your informations were confidential with us. But this does not limit Nichehands to share these information to share with trusted partners for the right products and service. The below mentioned conditions Nichehands may share the informations with trusted partners who directly or indirectly working with Nichehands. Informations about children’s under 13's can be stored with nichehands with parents’ permission. Nichehands response to Legal request, Court orders and any other law and enforcement agencies request. We may share the information with agencies working with Nichehands for targeted advertisement, content marketing agencies and not limited to. We may share the informations with Nichehands, Subsidiaries that Nichehands directly or indirectly works with and acquired companies.

Confidentiality and Security

Nichehands will not share the informations with employers or any other agencies request for any matter. We here by authorize that, we have sufficient privileges, not to share personal information about any individual or any other organization.

Changes in the Policy

Nichehads may change the policy at any time without prior notice. The policies may have changes from time to time and takes most care in informing you well in advance. But Nichehands has the right to change the policy at any point of time without prior notice.


All disputes arises with Nichehands with usage or any other means, all supposed to be settled in Court of Bangalore in India only. All the liability for the disputes and associated compensations were limited to one dollar or equivalent amount only.