Niche Product Portfolio!

Our unique Product portfolio is focused to deliver right solutions off the self to meet the growing customer requirements. - The Business Referral Network, it’s free business referral network application providing Market place plus Social networking plus Business Network; all three in One flavor. the enriched feature list goes with, Boundary less meeting organizer, connecting your p[...] Read More - Infinite Skills Delivered in Finite Form

nFiniteSkills is, infinite skills delivered in finite form. nFiniteskills is the World’s first Brain Mapping Solution, empowers career prediction and growth specific assessment and teaching. The only product offers three sixty-degree view of bu[...] Read More

NB-IoT - Interoperable Virtualized Platform to Application Solution

Nichehands IoT product named as N-IoT. We provide Protocol to Application Solution. We offer Communication Protocol Stack, Application Stack, Hardware, RF, and a Certified Full Product. The N-IoT Solutions are Interoperable with, eMTC (LTE-M), NB-[...] Read More

3Ci-Commerce - The disruptive i-Commerce solution powers the commerce in offline

3Ci-Commerce is, the transformative solution for E-Commerce. Here we provide end-to-end e-commerce and patented tracking solution which can maximize the customer base and connects every segment of the business. Yes, now commerce can take place onl[...] Read More