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SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud

SMAC the emerging technology integrates Social, Mobile, Analytic and Cloud solutions for business competiveness. SMAC gains competiveness edge in numerous applications, like Connected Home, Internet of things (IOT), Artificial Intelligence, Workforce Management, Data analytics, Prediction Modeling, Performance modeling, Financial modeling, E-commerce, Machine Type Communication (MTC) and many more. The cross-layer architecture simplifies integrating SMAC to achieve the business competiveness. The key challenge for SMAC is to predict of customer data to tune the analytic’s for better usability.

Nichehands powerful analytics and prediction solution integrates all in one platform. Nichehands offers cross platform framework, to enable easy migration from existing solution or adding as new solution with existing platform. Nichehands SMAC virtualization framework connects SMAC solution from conceptualization to productization. To get in more details do contact us.

SMAC – Social, Mobile, Analytic, Cloud

IT Evolution Projections

IT EvolutionEvolution PhaseSystem'sApplicationsUsers
Main-frame1950 - 19701M +1K1M
Mini-Computing1970 - 198310M +10K10M
PC & Servers1983 - 1997100M +100K100M
Internet1997 - 20121B +10M1B+
SMAC2012 - 2025+100B+1B+1B+

Nichehands Specialization on SMAC

  • Internet of Things (IOT)
  • Vehicular Communication (V2X)
  • Device to Device Communication (D2D)
  • Social Mobile Analyics Cloud (SMAC)
  • Network Functions Virtualization (NFV)

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