3C - Communications, Caching and Computing


The mobile generations brought the communication closer and closer. The more the options closer, makes the advancements as “obvious”. The fast growing communication eco-system necessitates the need for innovations in end user experience. This requirement, cutting across layers which are, often proved that, inter-working among these verticals, posted greater challenge. 3C meant to describe the end-to-end service aspects to customers. Communication refers to Mobile or Telecom technology that serves end-to-end connectivity. Caching refers to store the data at networks to offload the traffic of network during busy hours. The caching extends to customer to store the data, to avoid the busy hour’s traffic. The term computing meant to predict the user pattern to understand the contents to be cached in network or device.

Keywords: 3C, Communications, Caching, Computing, 5G, LTE-A, IOT, QOS, COT

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